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Safety Management System


Safety Management System (SMS) is a comprehensive, process-oriented approach to managing safety throughout an organization. Civil Air Patrol Regulation (CAPR) 62-1, CAP Safety Responsibilities and Procedures, reflects the Civil Air Patrol’s official adherence to the SMS concept of Safety Risk Management (SRM), and as such, Little Rock’s 42nd Composite Squadron adheres to the same.

SMS includes an organization-wide safety policy; formal methods for identifying and controlling hazards, the continual assessing of associated risks, measurement of organizational safety performance; and promotion of an organization-wide safety culture.

SMS stresses not only compliance with technical standards such as outlined in CAPR 62-1, but also increased emphasis on organizational safety performance across all individual 42nd Divisions, in which all Squadron members have an integral part.

This Site is established for all 42nd Composite Squadron members to participate in the SMS program, and aims to manage all Squadron safety initiatives with regard to such as Hazard Reporting, Squadron safety performance tracking, safety education and training, and other program components.

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